Shimbashi, Melbourne CBD Take 3

Being a cold winter’s day I wanted something to warm me up, but still wanted to enjoy Shimbashi’s wonderful soba. As a compromise, I had the Kamo Seiro Soba, which is cold soba served with a warm broth with duck slices ($19). This is different to Kamonan Soba, which is where soba is served in the warm broth with slices of duck. Also in the broth were some pieces of tofu and mushrooms. Like on my previous visits, the soba noodles were enjoyably nutty with a slightly chewy texture. I did take too long to eat them because I was engrossed in conversation so the soba started to stick together towards the end, but a quick swirl in the tasty broth rectified that.

Kamo Seiro Soba ($19)

Kamo Seiro Soba ($19)

17 Liverpool St
Melbourne, VIC, 3000
(03) 9654 6727

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