Random Noodle Shop, Kumamoto

We found this small ramen shop in the large undercover mall near our hotel. We ordered our dishes using a ticket machine after the waitress tried explaining the more popular dishes using the photos on the wall. Mum got shanghainese sort of noodles with a spicy, Korean-like sauce (¥700). Dad and A2 and I got ramen that was almost the same, most likely tonkastu based. A2 and I had one with miso, a bit of chilli and a scallop (which arrived in its own little plate, ¥900) whereas dad’s soup tasted more herbal (¥800). The ramen also came with a large amount of vegetables. Mum didn’t really like her noodles, particularly the sauce/soup so just as well it was in a separate bowl. Even though both my parents preferred the herbal soup I was very happy with mine.

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