QKamura Minami Aso, Takamori-machi (Buffet Dinner)

The food wasn’t that great at this dinner buffet and the restaurant area was a bit dingy-looking. Among the selections were: sashimi, thin steak, barbequed fish on a stick, yam/tofu/square squishy thing on a stick with ground bean paste, salad, black pork ramen, soba, beef/carrot stew, fish/daikon stew, battered prawns, chilli and sesame seed lotus root, mayonnaise chicken, tofu with pork, grilled fish, vermicelli/wombok/shrimp/quail egg soup, soy milk soup, stew with long, flat wheat strips (sort of like the Malaysian ‘peasant’ noodle, mee hoon kueh, but not) and fish paste skin, rice with chopped, pickled mustard greens, prawns, sliced fish head, fish tempura. Dessert included grapefruit, watermelon, grapes, peaches in syrup, red bean soup with glutinous balls, tough pikelets with runny strawberry sauce, red bean paste and a slice of sweet potato in a thick white pastry, a roll with a firmer outer layer, ?green tea sponge, an orange firmer layer then ?taro cream. Mum told us that the soba sauce was a bean paste, but it was actually a tomato-based beef stew. I saw another lady put it on rice.

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