QKamura Minami Aso, Takamori-machi (Buffet Breakfast)

The breakfast buffet service ended at 9am, so we were forced to have an earlier breakfast. There was a lot of food, but not a lot of standouts. They had okra with a peanut sauce (originally I thought it had chopped natto on it because the paste looked sticky), a perfectly poached (and cold) egg, watery porridge, weak miso, almond agar agar jelly, natural yoghurt along with a bowl of marmalade to be added on top, salads, cold vermicelli and black fungus, corn soup, grilled fish, huge blocks of tofu in hot water with vinegar and spring onion on the side, bamboo/lotus root/carrot. The nicest combination we made was rice with nori, tofu, poached egg and soy/the soy sauce that came in the egg teacup.

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