Purple Peanuts, Melbourne CBD Take 2

I came back to try some other items on their menu and also managed to score a table straight away.

Tuna Onigiri and Brown Rice Salmon Avocado Sushi

Tuna Onigiri and Brown Rice Salmon Avocado Sushi

Their tuna onigiri ($4.5) was deep-fried but thankfully not overly oily. The cooked tuna was mixed in with the rice and it also contained carrot, celery and some sort of bean I didn’t see before it was in my mouth. The sauce I chose to accompany my onigiri was their chilli sauce, which wasn’t very spicy. It seemed to have hints of a bean paste sort of taste.

Tuna Onigiri

The salmon avocado handroll ($2.90, 40c more than the white rice version) was generous with the fillings. Unfortunately the nori was a bit chewy so it was difficult to bite, and the rice didn’t have much flavour. The sushi handrolls I had at Shuji Sushi last week were nicer.


Purple Peanuts
620 Collins St
Melbourne, VIC, 3000
(03) 9620 9548
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