Pho 67, Paris

There wasn’t any more space in the upper seating area so we were led downstairs to the kitchen level. It was dark and a bit weird because the atmosphere was almost like we were sitting awkwardly in a home kitchen. My heart fell a little when I saw the special pho cost €14. We ordered one special beef pho and one special chicken pho. There was also a regular beef pho available for €10, but doesn’t come with the beef bones. The pho was presented in two bowls: one with the noodles and a metal one with the broth, meat and herbs, which was heated by a candle. The broth was meant to be added into the noodle bowl as needed. The chicken pho came with about two drumsticks-worth of chicken. The beef was better than the chicken and had quite a nice flavour, but I didn’t think it was worth €14.

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