Paris-KL, Malaysian Airlines

Brunch consisted of: appetisers of beef and/or chicken satay skewers, fruit and herbed prawn with a mixed fennel and tomato salad. Mains were a choice of Tubot Meuniere (signature dish by Amandine Chaignot, with mashed carrot and vanilla coconut kaffir lime sauce), Stuffed Beef w. Porcini Mushrooms (signature dish by Michel Quaissac, with roasted potatoes, sautéed porcini mushrooms, baby tomato and mushroom sauce), Seared Chicken Breast (filled with mozzarella and spinach, served with herb potato ratte, roasted root veggies and mushroom sauce) and Lamb Briyani. Mum had the beef, dad and I had fish. I thought the fish was quite well done. The carrot puree was a bit salty, but it was OK when eaten with the fish. They’d run out of beef and lamb when they came to take my order, but I wanted the fish anyway. Dessert was a raspberry sable biscuit with redcurrant and vanilla cream.

We were served breakfast 2 hours before touchdown. The muesli this time was unfortunately not Carmen’s. It was the same brand of muesli that was at the Air France lounge, so I knew it was going to be too sweet for my liking. Breakfast choices were: nasi lemak; Spanish omelette with chicken sausage, potato pancake, tomato and zucchini; grilled skewers of lamb and chicken with thyme potatoes, asparagus and bell pepper and tomato coulis; pancakes filled with mashed pumpkin and served with crème fraiche, berry compote and maple syrup. The grilled skewers had run out by the time it got to me, so I picked pancakes. They were more like crêpes than regular pancakes in terms of thickness and texture. They’d been filled then wrapped up into 1/6th triangles.

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