New Furusato, Macau

This restaurant, one of the few Japanese restaurants in Macau, didn’t open until 12pm so we killed some time by window shopping. We must have looked desperate to eat because we were hanging around the front of the restaurant for a while and we also there when they opened up the front grille. We were seated at the back of the restaurant in front of the teppanyaki benches. It was nice because it was more private and there were fewer tables.

There was an extensive set lunch menu. A2 and I both picked the ‘Furusato assorted sashimi on sushi rice’ (260MOP for salad, two appetisers, chawanmushi, sashimi, sushi rice with strips of nori, pickles, miso soup and dessert), mum had the sashimi set (320MOP for salad, two appetisers, chawanmushi, sashimi, white rice, pickles, miso soup and dessert) and dad had the red tuna set (230MOP for salad, two appetisers, marinated red tuna fillet on rice, miso  soup and ‘noodles dessert’). Later dad changed his mind and picked ‘Furusato seasonal special set’ for 320MOP, which had salad, two appetisers, sashimi, tempura, grilled items, pickles, miso and dessert.

This was the best restaurant we’ve visited during this trip; every dish was good, the seafood was incredibly fresh and the components were well presented. The salad had tuna in a tomato-based sauce with lettuce and a blanched piece of asparagus. The tuna reminded me of the pasta mum makes at home with the pre-made pasta sauce and Sirena tuna. Appetisers were tofu in a thick, ?egg and roe sauce and an eggplant and pork stew. The chawanmushi had spring onion, a prawn, a piece of chicken, a small mussel and a ginkgo nut. The sashimi included in my set were: salmon, tuna, ?black cod (was seared on two sides and had a strange, slightly bitter after taste), a white fish, uni, ?clam. Mum had the same selection of sashimi but also had prawns and fatty salmon. She also thinks her sashimi slices were larger. Dad had a grilled fish that mum believes was Patagonian toothfish; I didn’t think so, but it did taste good. He also had grilled ham, sweet potato, chestnut, big black beans. His tempura included okra, prawns, mushroom, pumpkin and lotus root.

For dessert we had a choice of either red bean or green tea ice cream. The scoop was rather small, but we were too full to care. The green tea icecream, which was better than the red bean, was a darker colour than the others I’ve had. I couldn’t actually taste a lot of green tea. We spent around half an hour sitting and drinking the dessert green tea. Just before we asked for the bill they presented yet another dessert. This one was just a thin layer of sponge with a firm egg-based pudding sort of thing on top then scorched with a burner.

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