Mugen Ramen, Melbourne CBD

Found opposite Robot Bar, just off Flinders Lane, Mugen Ramen serves up ramen, small dishes, drinks and, according to the menu, Japanese tapas-style dishes are coming soon. I took a bar seat right at the kitchen window, but there’s also a larger seating area on the basement level.

Today I opted for the wafu tsukemen plus an egg. Tsukemen is served and eaten differently from regular ramen, in that the noodles come separately from the sauce, which is made for dipping. Instructions are found on the back of the menu. The house-made ramen was the thicker, flat type and was cooked such that it was slightly chewy. I thought it went well with the thick and salty dipping sauce. The addition of an egg was an extra $2, but being so flavoursome and having a lovely centre, it was worth it.

Towards the end of my meal I was given a teapot of dashi to mix into the remainder of my dipping sauce and drink as soup.

Mugen Ramen
11 Bligh Pl
Melbourne, VIC, 3000
(03) 9620 3646
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