Migros, Lucerne, Switzerland

After getting the souvenir from Swisslion we got dinner at Migros, which was a small mall with a florist, gift shop, supermarket and café/bakery. Migros also have petrol stations and kiosks. They had different pastas (10-13CHF), pastries, roast pork, chicken, salads, slices of tart (3.50CHF) including rhubarb. A2 had a spinach and ricotta pastry, mum and dad shared ½ a roast chicken (8CHF), creamy pasta with spinach and two types of roast pork. One tasted like ham and looked a bit like char siu; the other was just salted roast pork.

Spinach and Ricotta Pastry, Pasta, Roast Chicken, Two Types of Roast Pork

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