Meatmother, Richmond

The aroma from the smokers of this American barbecue joint wafted towards us as soon as we stepped through the door. Both of us ordered a meat plate – beef short rib with a side of smoked corn for me and beef brisket with pear and bacon salad for C. The servings were large; we saw some plates of pulled pork go past and the pile of meat sitting on top of the Texas toast was quite impressive. The tender short rib fell off the bone and had a great smokey flavour. Angus beef brisket was also good, but perhaps not as great as the shortrib, even with the addition of the sauces provided on the table. I was expecting the smoked corn to be on the cob, but instead, it was a creamy side of corn kernels. It was nice, but I was just too full to eat all of it.

167 Swan St
Richmond, VIC, 3121
(03) 9041 5393
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