Magnolia Café, Campo de’ Fiori, Rome, Italy

At Magnolia café, also located in Campo de’ Fiori, we had dinner. We ordered penne arrabiato (the spicy sauce, €7), grilled seafood (fish [mum thinks catfish], squid, yabby, €15), and a set dinner special with plain bruscetta, a choice of seafood linguini, vegetable with tortelloni (giant tortellini) or another pasta and a drink for €12. They also had saltimbocca for €11, but because dad wanted the fish platter I advised not to get it otherwise we’d have too much food – especially because we’d already eaten pizza and A2 and I weren’t hungry. Even though we didn’t order it, we were given an a basket of bread with bottles of olive oil and vinegar and also a plate with various bite-sized, bread type things (bread with tomato, bread with a little prawn, pizza-like things and pizza base-like things). The bottle of water was €3. They didn’t have a cover charge.

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