Lord Stow’s Bakery, The Venetian, Macau

Portuguese tarts from Lord Stow’s Bakery – the other famous tart café. There are three branches of Lord Stow’s and it seems more commercialised than Margaret’s. The line was not as long, but that was most likely because there were plenty of tarts being pumped out from the kitchen. That also meant that they weren’t piping hot and it was difficult to give a fair comparison between them and the Margaret’s tarts. Instead of buying four tarts – four each – mum bought six. The box they came in looked the same as the box from Margaret’s but with different writing.

Before consuming our tray of goodies, we walked next door to the Four Seasons shops to redeem our buy-one-get-one-free cappuccinos from café Illy. Dad ordered four even though I wasn’t drinking ‘mine’. Apparently the decaf tasted much better than the regular caffeinated cappuccino, but oddly, the best coffee we’ve had on this trip is still the one from Maccas.

The pastry used in the Lord Stow’s tart was crispier than Margaret’s and the egg filling had a stronger flavour, however, it wasn’t as smooth. Although the Margaret’s tarts were hotter when we ate them, contributing to the overall experience, I think I prefer the taste of them more than the Lord Stow’s version.

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