Lebanese Restaurant, Marble Arch, London, England

By the time we checked into our hotel in London it was 6 something. A2 just wanted to finish her beef sandwich and eat fruits for dinner, so mum, dad and I went out alone. Mum and dad were going to dine in an Indonesian restaurant, so I got a lamb kebab (₤3.50) from a Lebanese restaurant a few doors down. It turned out that the owner used to live in Hawthorn in Melbourne, so he and mum and dad chatted for a while. After ordering their food at the Indonesian restaurant, I was about to start eating my kebab when the waitress returned with our water. She then stated that outside food was not allowed, even though the kebab was halal. Mum then stormed out of the restaurant and we returned to the Lebanese restaurant. The parents ordered lamb briyani and another rice with a few short noodle-like things that were similar to vermicelli noodles, and this came with a chicken and vegetable dish. We were given a starter platter on the house. The platter had eggplant dip, hommus (which was really nice; more creamy than the commercial ones in Melbourne), kibbeh, falafel, tabouleh, and three pieces of Lebanese bread. There was also a small plate of pickled chili, radish (which was a bit like the pink Japanese daikon pickle) and gherkin. The food was very good and only cost about ₤20 in total, though having said that, we got half of it for free.

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