Kuni’s, Melbourne CBD

I had a bit more time to spare during my lunch break today and thought I’d venture down to the city to try out some of Kuni’s lunch specials. There were so many tempting choices, but I eventually settled on the sushi lunch set.

Kuni's (4) Sushi Set $28 - Miso Soup, Chicken and Mushroom Chawanmushi, Pickled Bean Sproutsedit

The lunch set included an appetiser (today it was pickled bean sprouts and carrot), miso soup and chawanmushi. The chicken and mushroom chawanmushi was wonderfully smooth and delicately flavoured, and though I know its usually served in this size, I secretly wished it was larger!

Kuni's (7) Sushi Set $28 - Tuna, Cucumber and Salmon Maki, Tamago, Ebi, Ark Shell, Tuna, Dory, Salmon, Kingfish and something Sushiedit

There was quite a selection of sushi on the platter: tuna, cucumber and salmon maki, and tamago, prawn, ark shell, tuna, dory, salmon and kingfish nigiri (unfortunately I’m not sure what the seared white fish was). The fish was fresh and the rice was nicely packed and well flavoured. Kuni’s has been around for a long time, and though slightly more expensive than average, offers higher quality food and an elegant setting.

56 Little Bourke St
Melbourne, VIC, 3000
(03) 9663 7243
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