Korea House, Dunedin

More Korean! I was originally going to get dolsot bibimbap, but went with kimchi dolsot bibimbap instead (both $16). I know it exists but I haven’t seen it on a menu yet so I thought I may as well try.

Kimchi Dolsot Bibimbap w. Beef ($16)

The three portions of kimchi replaced a few of the other veggies they normally serve in their bibimbap and the gochujang represented one of the sections, rather than being free to add by customers. I chose beef, though pork, tuna and tofu were also options. It was nice, though I think I still like regular dolsot bibimbap better.

Soondubu w. Seafood ($13)

Dad chose soondubu jjigae with seafood ($13) and it was the nicest soondubu I’ve had so far. The stew was full of ingredients; when I scooped in, my spoon came up mostly with tofu and seafood rather than soup, and there was such a variety of seafood too. The soup tasted similar to the spicy seafood Neoguri Korean instant noodles mum used to buy (but obviously better). Both of our meals came with three banchan: spicy potato, beansprouts and kimchi.

Korea House
450 George Street
North Dunedin, 9016
New Zealand
+64 3-474 5913
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