KL-Melbourne, Malaysia Airlines

Appetisers were satay (this time the veggie sticks came with ketupak) and wasabi prawn and grilled scallops with papaya salsa and salad. The prawn was quite nice. The scallops were pretty brown and for a moment I forgot that the appetiser included scallops and thought it was some sort of potato or bread. Mains were: Braised lamb shank in coriander tomato jus (signature dish by Zubir Zain. With Mediterranean veggies, eggplant mille feuille, buttered cheese tortellini and lemon gremolata); Chicken rendang; Stir-fried prawn with dry chili w. rice, shiitake mushroom, bok choy and red peppers; Penne paste w. tomato coulis, veggies and parmesan. Mum’s braised lamb shanks were quite nice. I think it was nicer than the lamb shank in tomato jus. My cod was overcooked on one edge, but quite well cooked on the other. It was somewhat tasteless though; I had to add salt. The dessert was an apple and blueberry crumble. The crumble was more like a mix between a pie and a crumble. It had a cake-like base and sides.

Refreshments 1.5 hours before touchdown was a slice of wholemeal baguette with Emmental and Bourdin cheese with fig and cheese, and a sundried tomato baguette slice topped with roasted chicken, pineapple slice and tomato coulis. The chicken was a bit weird and tasted a bit pasty.

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