Kenji, Camberwell Take 2

Being our second visit we decided to try different dishes, though A2 ordered some kitsune udon, which we had last time.

Mum was a bit disappointed that the tekka don didn’t come with nice slices of tuna, but the presentation was true to the photo in the menu. We also had a bento box (no photo) with tempura, croquette and crumbed prawns. I ordered seared salmon sashimi and seared anago nigiri. It was my first taste of anago, or sea eel. The texture and flavour was more delicate than that of unagi and I like it better. I was surprised the price of the unagi and anago nigiri was the same. My favourite dish though, was the seared salmon. It came with a nice sauce made mainly of ponzu.

Japanese Gourmet Kenji
Shop 10, 1405 Toorak Road
Camberwell, VIC, 3124
(03) 9889 1084
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