Japas, Melbourne CBD Take 3

Yet another trip to Japas, this time with only the family.

Seared Salmon Belly – Premium toro salmon, flame–seared served with shallots and pine nuts ($15.80)
Agedashi Tofu ($6.80)
Beef Udon with Miso Soup ($14.80)

Dad: Tokyo Rose sushi roll – Reverse sushi salmon topped with a fold of salmon belly sashimi and tobiko ($15.80)

Me and A2: Build your own sushi –  Tuna and avocado with furikake and tobiko, with brown rice mixed in ($15.80)

I liked the custom sushi I ordered, but there wasn’t much brown rice in it considering it was $1 extra. Everything tasted OK except for the agedashi tofu. Instead of using a smoother tofu, it was just like normal tofu. By the time the dish arrived at the table the crumb at the bottom on the tofu was already gluggy. On the plus side, the sauce was nice.

The udon mum ordered was tagged on at the end after we finished eating everything else. She didn’t feel satisfied without having much carbs. Whilst it tasted good and the noodles were smooth and chewy, again, not sure I’d pay $14.80 for it. The udon still wasn’t as good as the one I had at Shoya last year.

Level 3, Melbourne Central
Melbourne, VIC
(03) 9663 5250

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