J Café, Melbourne CBD

J Cafe is a small Japanese restaurant offering sushi, rice dishes, noodles, bento boxes, salads and most famously, sushi burgers. Sushi burgers are basically two rice patties filled with various ingredients and wrapped with a rectangular sheet of nori.

What I really wanted to try was the soft shell crab sushi burger, but apparently there’s a worldwide shortage of soft shell crab. J Cafe only have limited quantities available every day and they’d already sold out by the time I arrived. Instead, I got an salmon aburi sushi burger, which had lightly flame-seared salmon, teriyaki sauce and tartare sauce ($6.50 takeaway – eat in is $1 extra). The flavours were OK and the salmon was juicy and nicely cooked, but I couldn’t help but feel a little underwhelmed.

Aburi Salmon Sushi Burger

Aburi Salmon Sushi Burger

J Café Restaurant
167 Exhibition Street
Melbourne, VIC, 3000
(03) 9650 9877

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