Ichiran, Canal City, Fukuoka

I’ve heard that the ramen at Ichiran is among the best in Fukuoka and that it had a unique eating experience. I was desperate to try it. We filled out the English order forms at the front, paid for our meal tickets at the machine then waited for some booths to empty out. Luckily it didn’t take long for four seats in a row to become available. All of us had the ramen and a hard-boiled, salted egg (¥790+100). Mum also added in some ‘laver’, which she believes were little pieces of nori added into the soup. I tried some of her soup and I think the soup was nicer without the laver. The egg might have been soaked in brine for ages because even without salt, the egg was cooked perfectly and was really tasty. The Ichiran in Hakata is the only one that uses the rectangular bento boxes to serve the ramen. Mum wasn’t too impressed with the ramen, but A2 and I really enjoyed it. I asked for a regular amount of spice to be added, but it was pretty hot. The soup was tonkatsu based and incredibly tasty.

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