Highlander Bar, Melbourne CBD

Highlander Bar (1)

Highlander Lane, off Flinders Street right near the aquarium, is home to Highlander Bar – a bar/restaurant/events space that has a bit of a pub feel to it. Much of the ground floor is occupied by circular booths centred around small tables, giving each one a greater sense of privacy. Other than its obvious offering of alcoholic beverages, its menu encompasses tacos, burgers and snacks such as wings, ribs and fries.

Highlander Bar (7) Lamb Burger - Slow-cooked Sliced Lamb Shoulder, Grilled Halloumi, Leaves, Tomato Relish, Mayo, Brioche, Seasoned Fries ($18)

I decided on the lamb burger – slow-cooked lamb shoulder, grilled halloumi, tomato relish and mayo nestled in a brioche bun ($18). The lamb shoulder had been cut into slices of decent thickness and also appeared to have been grilled slightly, giving them a slight bit of caramelisation. All over, it was a lighter and much less-greasy burger than what I was expecting, which was refreshing. My stomach often can’t handle too much of the greasiness that some people love in a burger.

There were some other interesting-sounding tacos, burgers and cocktails on the menu that I wouldn’t mind returning to try.

Highlander Bar
11a Highlander Lane
Melbourne, VIC, 3000
(03) 9620 2228
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