Hero, Melbourne CBD

The official address for Hero is on Swanston St because it’s located within the RMIT building, but the entrance is actually on Stewart St.

Edit: They’ve now changed their official address to 1 Stewart St, which makes for fewer confused customers!

I ordered a Brklyn (10 Hour Pulled Lamb, Shredded Pickle Beetroot, Baby Spinach & Herb-Whipped Fetta) in a multigrain roll. The half-size ($7.80) was huge and the fillings were generous. Because the roll was flat-ish, the lamb and beetroot were spilling over the top. The lamb was tasty and soft and the herb-whipped fetta went well with it, helping to break up the flavours.

Hero also serves a special sub called Limited 6, available only as a full-size and only six are made per day. The Limited 6 changes every two weeks.

1 Stewart St
Melbourne, VIC, 3000
(03) 9995 4655

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