Heaven Gastro Lounge, Melbourne

The groupon menu was more limited than the normal menu, but fortunately for me, the dishes I was interested in were still included.

The entrees:
– Caramelised Onion, Goat Cheese and Almond Raviolo with Reggiano foam
– BBQ Baby Octopus with Mayonnaise
– I don’t remember the exact name of the dish, but it looked like steamed chicken. Apparently it tasted like Chinese steamed chicken.

The mains:
– Pork Belly with chilli caramel sauce, two types of puree, salad
– 250gm Gippsland Fresh Eye Fillet with horseradish butter
Mum quite enjoyed her raviolo, but said the reggiano foam was too cheesy. Dad and I picked the baby octopus, which I found a bit too salty and slightly overcooked for my liking. The chicken didn’t impress.

Though we weren’t expecting pork belly to have a whole lot of meat, the pieces they got were mostly fat (the one not pictured had more meat, but not much more). Both mum and I chose the eye fillet and pepper sauce, and both of us were satisfied with it. The topside had a crispy and flavoursome finish and went pretty well with the horseradish butter.
I’m not sure the full price would be worth paying for the meals, but for the price we paid it was ok, particularly because they included wine/hot drinks.

Heaven Gastro Lounge
580 St Kilda Rd
Melbourne, VIC, 3004
(03) 9041 2129
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