Grill St Jean Restaurant, Troyes

I wanted to go to O Des Lys for dinner because it was only ~5 minutes’ walk away and it’s been rated well, but it was fully booked. We went around looking for something to eat. The first place we saw was even more expensive the O Des Lys. The second one was a pub sort of restaurant called Grill St Jean Restaurant. I didn’t think it looked too promising, but mum didn’t want to walk anymore, so in we went.

Dad had braised duck leg with grapes and Ratavia champagne sauce (€12.50), I had rabbit leg with Marc De Champagne brandy sauce (€13.50) and mum got a three-course meal anyway – a set for €14.80, choosing the daily special (leek quiche), lightly salted pork shoulder caramelised with apples and grapes, and apple tart with custard and raspberry coulis. The leek quiche had a lot of leek in it. Out of the three mains, the rabbit had the best sauce. All the meats were cooked well. I’m not sure the pork was caramelised. I think they meant the apple and grapes were caramelised. We also all chose mixed vegetables as our side dish, which was beans and zucchini (and small bits of bacon). The food was tasty and wasn’t bad for the price. The apple tart wasn’t that great though. The coulis was OK but the pastry was soggy.

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