Green Refectory, Brunswick

Today there was a last minute decision to have lunch at Green Refectory during our long uni break instead of eating on campus. It was pretty busy and we had to get a table outside, which wasn’t ideal because of the rainy weather recently. When we went back inside to place our orders, a table right in front of us rather fortuitously opened up.

I ordered the lamb cutlets (marinated and grilled, served on a pate of mash, with a rocket and chickpea salad, $13.50). Aside from what was displayed on the menu board, there was an extensive selection of sandwiches, rolls, pies and quiches, as well as cakes and other sweets to choose from.

The food arrived quite quickly, which was good because we were starting to run short of time. The potato pate was pretty large and thick, and looked the same as the one served as part of the breakfast stack. The lamb was not as pink as I would have liked and I thought the dressing on the chickpeas was more tasty than the lamb marinade. For $13.50 it wasn’t too bad and my other friend’s dishes were all quite large.

I was tempted to get the breakfast stack, but I’m not that into cheese or bacon, which were probably going to be two of the main flavours of the dish. I had a taste of someone’s tomato relish, which was the same as that used in the breakfast stack, and I didn’t particularly like it. A2 mentioned to me just yesterday that it tasted very much like tomato sauce, and it was completely true. I was glad I didn’t order the stack because I’m not sure I would have personally enjoyed it.

Green Refectory
115 Sydney Rd
Brunswick, VIC, 3056
(03) 9387 1150

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