Golden Federal Restaurant, Hong Kong

After spending some time in the Wing On shopping centre we proceeded to the yum cha restaurant on level 7, as recommended by one of the cosmetics salesgirls. Apparently it’s quite famous and popular with locals. When we went up there was a queue, but we didn’t have to wait long. Most restaurants outside the shopping centre also had queues lining up outside. It seems like every mealtime we’ve had here is a waiting game. The dishes ordered were tofu/bok choy fish-based soup, wu kok, xiao long bao, har gao, tofu/prawn dumpling, prawn/veggie dumpling, abalone tart (33HKD for two) and some prawn chong fan. All the food was quite good, especially the soup (apparently the abalone was very good as well because it had an intense taste despite its small size, but I still don’t like abalone). The only one I was disappointed in was the xiao long bao, which interestingly were cooked in aluminium tart cases. Mine didn’t have much soup in it at all and the skin was a bit too thick. I think the xiao long bao at Hu Tong Dumpling Bar in Melbourne (Market Lane) are better.

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