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EatNow was founded back in 2010 and has been providing a quick and easy way to order food online from over 4400 restaurants all over Australia. Not just for Melbourne CBD food delivery, EatNow also covers the suburbs.

Eat NowEatNow has a function for previous orders, making it easy to order your favourite meal from your favourite restaurant repeatedly, but this was our first time using the service. It was very easy to place our order for dinner. We simply typed in our postcode and chose from either pickup or delivery.

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The results could also be filtered by cuisine, rating, delivery cost, distance and current deals. After adding our menu items to the order it was then time to pay; it was nice to see different payment options available: PayPal, Visa, and Cash. After ordering, an SMS confirmation was received, and because we requested delivery ‘as soon as possible’, the SMS also stated the estimated time of delivery.


The SMS said our dinner would arrive an hour after ordering, but we were pleased to find the delivery person at our front door only half an hour later!

It’s convenient having all the up-to-date takeaway menus and restaurant options in one place, and in an easily searchable format. Eatnow provides an easy and simple way to order from home.



Disclaimer: I received a voucher to try out Eat Now’s services, however, opinions expressed here are purely my own and not influenced by them in any way.



Gllow, Bridge Road

We decided to try out EatNow by ordering delivery from Gllow on Bridge Road. I was pretty happy that delivery was so quick because we’d placed our order later than expected and dinner time was running away from us. A quick check of the order led to the discovery that we’d been sent an incorrect item – pan-fried pork dumplings instead of popcorn chicken. No one in the group particularly likes this type of dumpling so we were pretty crestfallen. A phone call was made to the restaurant to attempt to rectify the situation, but for a long time the only offer made was free popcorn chicken on our next delivery, despite making it clear that we were unlikely to order from here again. This didn’t quite satisfy M, who normally has a high tolerance for bad customer service, but after a prolonged period of repetitive and unaccommodating responses from the manager, quickly became frustrated – rarely do people want to pay for something they really don’t want. After much back and forth, it was eventually agreed that the popcorn chicken would be sent over and it was time to settle down for dinner. Finally.

Gglow Popcorn Chicken $8

Popcorn Chicken ($8)

We came to the popcorn chicken – the cause for contention. Fortunately these were one of the better items from today. They came with some sweet chilli sauce for dipping and were flavoured nicely. Not completely crispy, but that was to be expected given it had to be delivered.

Gllow (1) Large Oyster MeeSua $11.50 and Sizzling Tofu $19

Large Oyster MeeSua ($11.50) and Sizzling Tofu ($19)

I love mee sua – it’s one of my comfort foods. This mee sua contained quite a number of dried oysters, and also had some small slices of chicken thigh along with a large spoonful of minced garlic. Its flavour wasn’t the best, but not completely terrible either.

The ‘sizzling tofu’ consisted of golden homemade tofu served with pork mince and shredded mushroom sauce. The sauce was kept separate from the other ingredients during delivery so that the tofu wouldn’t become too soggy, which was thoughtful. The tofu was lovely and smooth inside, but unfortunately the sauce and the coating around the tofu tasted a little generic. The dumplings were also quite a disappointment, having rather unenjoyable thick skins.

Gllow Three Cup Chicken $19

Three Cup Chicken ($19)

Our other main dish was the Three Cup Chicken, made using rice wine, basil, soy sauce and dry chilli. It was very sweet, being much sweeter than other versions we’ve had in the past, and it was not quite to our tastes. It was also a pretty small serve for $19 given most of the half-full box was filled with vegetables.

Make no mistake, the EatNow service was great, but unfortunately the restaurant’s service was not, and our experience with Gllow was rather disappointing on a number of fronts.


448 Bridge Road
Richmond, VIC, 3121
(03) 8657 8503
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