Gekkazan, Melbourne CBD Take 2

Thought I’d treat myself to a Dragon Roll at Gekkazan, which consisted of an inside out sushi filled with spicy tuna and a sliver of cucumber (the middle, pulpy bit) and topped with slices of eel and avocado. The takeaway price was $4.90. I was also eyeing the California handroll with cooked prawn and avocado. Normally I avoid California rolls because I don’t like seafood sticks. When I ordered the sushi the girl didn’t pick the one I was looking at ($3.10) but rather took one of the un-rolled ones, which I hadn’t noticed. The un-rolled one was obviously more expensive, but I also realised it was smaller. Oh well. At least I still got to enjoy the fresh nori. The Dragon Roll was small and so even more expensive than the price implies at face-value (well, I did say I was treating myself, didn’t I?). The cucumber acted well to freshen up the otherwise heavy flavours. It was good, but for the price and size I think the Spider Roll I had yesterday was better value. As a note for next time, I should probably specify whether I if I want the pre-wrapped handrolls rather than the do-it-yourself version.

Shop 28g Postal Lane 350 Bourke St
Melbourne, VIC
(03) 9663 7767
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