Fukuryu Ramen, Melbourne CBD

Fukuryu Ramen, translating to “Lucky Dragon”, is the first Australian restaurant from restaurant group Hakata Ikkousha. Popular in its home country of Indonesia, Ikkousha also has stores in Japan and other Eastern and South East Asian countries.

Fukuryu Ramen - Tebasaki Chicken Wings ($4 lunch special)

Tebasaki Chicken Wings ($4 lunch special)

After a short hike up some stairs we came to the front counter, where we collected an electronic tracker after placing our order. Water and hot tea is available for self-service, and giving a choice of cold, room temperature and carbonated water was a nice touch. The Tebasaki chicken wings, which were a $4 lunch special add-on (together with a glass of iced green tea), were crispy and nicely juicy on the inside, but generally lacking in flavour.

Fukuryu Ramen - Soft Shell Crab Mini Buns (2 for $11.90)

Soft Shell Crab Mini Buns (2 for $11.90)

The soft shell crab mini buns were better, but there was a bit too much of the spicy sauce, making it very messy to eat. At $11.90 for two they were also a little pricey.

Fukuryu Ramen - Signature Tonkotsu (Regular $13.90)

Signature Tonkotsu (Regular $13.90)

Dad had the signature tonkotsu. The soup was flavoursome, though not as rich as the one from Hakata. Provided on the table is a selection of condiments including togarashi shichimi, sesame seeds, chilli oil and a tasty chilli paste. The nicely seasoned chashu and darkly-coloured and enticingly orange and gooey egg were well welcomed. All the ramen used chijiremen, the curly type of ramen, and were cooked such that they were still retained a slight chew.

Fukuryu Ramen - Tam Tam Ramen (Regular $13.90)

Tam Tam Ramen (Regular $13.90)

My Tam Tam Ramen seemed to use the tonkotsu soup base, but with a bit of chilli oil and minced meat replacing the bamboo shoots and black fungus. The little kick of chilli made this more interesting than the signature tonkotsu.

Fukuryu Ramen - Red Dragon Ramen (Regular $14.90)

Red Dragon Ramen (Regular $14.90)

The Red Dragon Ramen had a lighter soup base than the other two, and it really packed a punch. Full of chilli, pepper and sesame seeds and spoonful of minced meat, this was my pick of the three varieties tried today. It certainly got some noses running, but wasn’t actually as spicy as expected.

Although the side dishes were a little disappointing, Fukuryu does serve up a decent bowl of ramen that’s currently up amongst some of Melbourne’s favourites.

Disclaimer: I dined courtesy of Zomato, however, opinions expressed here are purely my own and not influenced by them in any way

Fukuryu Ramen
1/22-26 Corrs Ln
Melbourne, VIC, 3000
(03) 9090 7149
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