Fifteen Pounds, Fairfield

What a lovely day for a get-together! With sunny warmth that Melbourne hasn’t seen for a while, it was perfect weather for the AFL grand finals. The cafe was actually closing early today for the big game, but we managed to sneak in for a quick bite before lunch service wrapped up.

The sweet potato wedges were a little different from what K and C imagined, being more like chunky pieces of baked sweet potato rather than the chip sort of wedges. Despite this, they were pretty tasty, coming with some aioli and topped with chili flakes and cheese. I thought they were a little nicer without the cheese, but then, I’m not big on melted cheese on anything really (I’m weird, I know).

Other things ordered by the table were the Asian pork belly sandwich, a crispy chicken sandwich and a salad with lentils, pumpkin and balls of sesame-covered, soft cheese. Everyone seemed quite happy with what they ate.

My pearled barley risotto was one of the lunch specials. The lamb shoulder and beef were cooked until soft, matching with the tender barley. The peas and beetroot jus gave it a touch of sweetness and the accents of sourness from the herbed whipped goats cheese went particularly well with the lamb.

Located right next to Fairfield train station, Fifteen Pounds looks small from the front but actually has a lovely and spacious outdoors area as well. It has an interesting menu, and with good food like this it’s likely to become a local favourite.

Fifteen Pounds
21-23 Railway Place
Fairfield, VIC, 3078
(03) 9482 4481
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