Dolan Uyghur Food Heaven, Melbourne CBD

After reading an article on Chinese food in The Age ( this one piqued my interested so I thought I’d come and visit. The entrance to this small restaurant is quite inconspicuous and I walked past it because I didn’t see it. I came here mainly to try the noodles, since they’re handmade, and was hoping to try the spicy chicken with vegetables on noodles (as suggested by the article). Unfortunately the lunch special version only came with rice and I didn’t feel like spending $22 for the noodle version (plus, it was a whole chicken and I was dining alone). Instead, I picked a noodle dish off the main menu. It was toss up between the Oy Lagmeni (Dolan Specialty Handmade Noodles w. Stir-fried Lamb and Vegetables) or spicy handmade noodles with lamb. Both were $12. I was concerned about the listed 3 chilli icons on the latter, so went ahead with the Oy Lagmeni. After I ordered I regretted not getting the spicy noodles, but I heard them cooking it in the kitchen so it was too late to change my order. The noodles were quite nice, though quite inconsistent. Some were tender, some were chewy; some were smooth, some were not. There was a lot of capsicum and not much chicken. It was a lot like home-style cooking, but could have done with a bit of a kick. It was  a pretty large serve though. I decided to take away half of it for lunch tomorrow and add some cut chilli myself. Would I come back? I’m not sure. If I did I’d try spicy noodles or meat skewers.


Edit: For some reason the noodles tasted better the next day, and not just because I added chilli to it. For a good value lunch, this restaurant is a good option.

Dolan Uyghur Food Heaven
166 Little Lonsdale St
Melbourne, VIC
(03) 9041 8802
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