Del Arte, Serris

We were given some fresh, crusty bread which was surprisingly good, along with a bottle of rosemary, thyme, pepper and chili infused olive oil which was really nice with the bread. Meats were given with a choice of ‘topping’. Mum had osso bucco with risotto verte; dad got veal scaloppini with Marsala creams and mushrooms and tagliatelle; I had the ‘duo poissons’, which was cod and salmon with caponata (a tomato-based eggplant and olive sauce with balsamic vinegar) underneath and basil. They were all €16 something each. The serving size of the ‘toppings’ was generous. Mum’s risotto was tasty and the osso bucco very tender. Dad’s wasn’t too bad. Mine came with 2 pieces of cod and one piece of salmon that had been fried then placed on top of the vegetables. The salmon was slightly dry on one edge but OK on the other. We thought the food was pretty good for a shopping centre food court restaurant, even a sit-down one. I think it’s a chain restaurant.

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