Dejima Asaichi, Nagasaki

After checking out of the hotel we drove down to Dejima Wharf where there were a few restaurants that sold mainly seafood. We settled on Dejima Asaichi because their posters showed some interesting-looking lunch sets. A2 and I wanted the same set for ¥1000. It consisted of a piece of tofu with soy sauce, what looked like egg custard with a prawn stuck inside, rice topped with a piece of fish and some sort of fritter with a light-coloured sauce. Unfortunately it was sold out and I was pretty disappointed because I was really looking forward to tasting the different dishes. The ladies sitting behind me had ordered it and it looked quite good. Dad wanted to try a boiled/braised fish that looked like a pig. That fish had run out too so they used a different type of fish instead. Both A2 and mum had the sashimi set; I settled on what I thought might have been flying fish but it turned out to be just fried fish (lost in translation), which made my lunch even more disappointing, especially because the fish pieces were very thin. At least panko crumbs taste better than Western style crumbs. Everyone’s dish came with miso soup, pickles,  a creamy salad (mum believed it had some sort of fish), rice and some black strands of something with some sort of bean.

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