Dapur Indo, Clayton

I came in to Dapur Indo for a quick bite on the way to uni and though I’m not too familiar with Indonesian cuisine, I’m keen to try. Although they have a a la carte menu, I opted for the rice with three bain marie dishes so that I could try a couple of different things. I think this style of food is called nasi kapau or nasi padang.

Rice w. Three Dishes - Beef Rendang, Fried Chicken w. Green Chili, Beef Jerky w. Chili

To go with my rice I picked beef rendang, fried chicken with green chili, and beef jerky with chili. The flavour of the rendang wasn’t quite as potent as the rendang I’m used to, but the sauce was still good. I found the ayam cabe hijau surprisingly tender; I thought that the chicken may have gotten a bit dry from sitting in the bain marie. The dendeng balado was very crispy, a little like eating chips. It was something quite different for me and somewhat of a guilty pleasure.

All the other customers were Indonesian, which to me was a good sign. It was home style cooking in a very casual, friendly atmosphere and I very much enjoyed my meal there.

Dapur Indo
41 Dunstan St
Clayton, VIC, 3168
(03) 9562 6225
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