Crêperie du Château, Annecy

After taking photos at Palais de l’Isle (aka vielles prisons) it started to drizzle so we escaped into Crêperie du Château to have lunch. Not many restaurants were open, probably because they were either on their annual holiday or have a weekly closure on Mondays. There were quite a few crêperies and German restaurants. Mum had a set, which included a ham, egg and Emmental galette and a sugar and salted butter crêpe for €9.80. Dad had a crêpe with onions, tomato, herbs and scrambled egg (€6.50) and I picked a goat’s cheese, ‘jambon cru’ and herb galette (€9.20).  I was actually going for an egg, Emmental and ham galette but then realised mum’s was very similar so I changed to something different. The galettes tasted better than at La Crêperie. They were crunchier, had a more consistent texture and were less sour. Mum didn’t like the goat’s cheese because she found it too strong. I thought the flavour combination worked well, though sometimes the cheese overpowered the cured ham. Mum’s galette was the nicest. Dad’s egg was more fried than scrambled. It wasn’t too bad, but without the onions it would have been a bit bland. The dessert crêpe was also good and wasn’t that sweet. We sat in the crêperie for another half an hour hoping the rain would abate. It didn’t, and it seemed like a waste of time waiting for a break in the rain that might not happen for hours. The restaurant had to close at 2pm anyway.

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