Cornish Pastie, York, England

Around the old part of town some of the roads were quite narrow and mainly for foot traffic. From a small bakery we bought rye and caraway bread for ₤1.60, and later got a traditional (beef and potato) pastie for ₤2 from an ‘award winning’ cornish pastie shop. The bread felt quite heavy for a 10cm x 20cm loaf and tasted a bit strange; a little minty. It also put me off caraway for the rest of my life. The pastie had big thin slices of potato inside. The pastry seam fold was a bit thick for my liking, but the filling was nice. Mum didn’t like it because it ‘was just like pie’. A2 and I noticed that sometimes cookies sold at cookie shops or bakeries are quite large. One cookie shop was selling special plate-sized ones.

Traditional Cornish Pasty

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