Chuckle Park, Melbourne CBD

A 2-hour group assignment meeting quickly morphed into a 5-hour long no-breaks marathon where people were starting to become hangry but also wanted to get the assignment over and done with. By the time we finished, I was concerned that Chuckle Park would no longer be serving their famed pulled pork rolls, which apparently sometimes sell out. Fortunately they were, despite it being nearly 4pm, and I had the pleasure of tucking into a crusty white roll packed with (tumeric?) spiced, slow-cooked pork. The coleslaw gave the roll some nice, refreshing relief from the strong flavour of the meat.

Although Chuckle Park is situated right in the walkway leading to New Guernica, there was some overhead covering, which was particularly useful considering how rainy it was. With a cosy and casual atmosphere and reasonably priced food, I can see how it would be a popular place for a quick after-work drink and feed.

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