Casino Cafeteria Restaurante, Burgos, Spain

Our lunch stop was in Burgos. The main attraction there was the cathedral, but it was closed seeing as it’s Christmas. We were able to go into the foyer and join the mass if we wanted to. It’s quite a pretty town – or at least the centre is. There were many white stone roads. We had lunch at a café/restaurant and ordered mixed paella, tortilla and a salmon/gherkin/asparagus/cream cheese/runny fried egg toasted sandwich. The tortilla was the best I’ve had so far because it actually tasted like potato rather than an egg/potato mush. It was cold though. The paella had the same flavour as the one yesterday but at least it wasn’t soggy. The best paella we had was still the first one near the food market in Barcelona, which was Catalan style.

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