Calypso Mangoes

This is the first time I’ve intentionally bought and tried a variety of mango other than Kensington Pride, mainly because they’re on special at Safeway but also because mum isn’t the one buying fruit this week. The board at Safeway said Calypso mangoes have a small seed and firm flesh. Maybe it wasn’t ripe yet, but it was firmer and not as sweet as Kensington Pride. Perhaps I should have waited for it to ripen a bit; it look pale on the inside but I don’t know if that’s how it’s supposed to be … I’ll see what the others taste like after they’re softer.

Update 2/12/11: Having now eaten the riper Calypso mangoes, I can say that they do have a smoother, firmer flesh than the Kensington Prides and don’t have the same intense, sweet taste. I still like the flavour of Kensington Pride mangoes better.

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