Café Siam, Macau

As part of the entertainment package we bought there was a voucher for a set meal from Café Siam, a Thai restaurant. There was a choice of a chicken skewer (worth 98MOP), pad thai (worth 70+MOP), papaya salad and something else. The choice for drinks was Sprite, Coke or Tsing Tao Beer. Everyone chose the chicken skewer except A2 who picked pad thai. The pad thai came in an omelette and it wasn’t sour at all. There was lime provided, but it was less than half of a small lime. The chicken arrived later because it took longer to prepare and cook. On the skewer were two chicken drumsticks that had been halved, corn, onions and capsicum. Accompanying the skewer was a green vinegar/oil dressing, lettuce, ‘sun dried tomatoes’ (I think they were just grilled), and wedges. The chicken was a bit tasteless and I wished there was some salt and pepper on the table. The wedges were nice, but not as good as the ones at Restaurante Vela Latino because they were slightly drier and they lost their crispiness pretty quickly. Dad ordered the Tsing Tao and it was the first time I’ve tasted beer – it was better than expected and I’m guessing it tastes much better than VB.

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