Café Blac, Hawthorn

When I perused the menu a few weeks ago there was only one dish I was interested in trying, which was the smoked salmon omelette. After contacting the cafe and being informed that they have an all-day breakfast I settled on trying my dish of choice at a lunchtime. I’d originally planned to visit two weeks ago, but things came up unexpectedly so I had to postpone it by a week. The week after that, something else happened which left me without transport and so had to postpone again. Desperate to use my discount voucher I came today even though it’s SWOTVAC. Unfortunately when I finally made it, I found it wasn’t on the menu. Just my luck. There wasn’t much else I particularly wanted to try but I was already seated, so after much um-ing and ah-ing I ordered the wagyu beef burger, which was one of the lunch specials. It came with truffled mayo, lettuce, tomato, cheese and red onion jam on a brioche bun ($16.50).

The presentation was…interesting. The placement of the skewer first made me think of a unicorn, then a poor speared beast that was soon to be consumed. I think I need to sleep more. When I looked at the pattie before digging in, it seemed a bit burnt dry, and it was dry; I think it was slightly overcooked and the natural fatty tenderness and moisture from the wagyu seemed to have been lost. The truffle flavour in the mayo wasn’t strong and I was only able to taste it when I ate it alone. The best part of the dish were the chips and there was quite a lot of them. They had a lovely golden surface and delicious crunch.

It was only upon leaving that I discovered that not all the breakfast menu items are on the all-day breakfast menu; the omelette that I wanted was actually still on there, it just wasn’t served at lunchtime. I guess I’ll have to come back.

Wagyu Burger w. Truffled Mayo and Red Onion Jam, Chips ($16.50)

Wagyu Burger w. Truffled Mayo and Red Onion Jam, Chips ($16.50)

Café Blac
707 Glenferrie Rd
Hawthorn, VIC, 03122
(03) 9818 8965

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