Bread, Lyon

There was a very small bakery/patisserie called with a queue, called Boulangerie du Palais, so we peeked in to see what they were selling. They had baguettes, pizza, bread and viennoiseries. The most popular item was a brioche aux praline, which was a large brioche bun smothered in a bright pink, presumably sweet, coating. They also had long, rectangular puff pastries filled with the same coloured syrup and almonds. Mum bought a ham, cheese and gherkin baguette to share with dad. She didn’t check the price before buying it and it turned out to be €4. It was nice, but not really worth €4. I got a small batard with whole hazelnuts, almonds and raisins (€1.70), which I quite enjoyed. The raisins weren’t that dehydrated so it wasn’t too bad and there were quite a lot of nuts in it.

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