Bread, Begerac

At Begerac we drove around looking for something to eat. There were more places open than there were at Toulouse yesterday. I spotted a bakery displaying the ‘Festival des Pains’ banner so we went in and ordered a pizza with walnuts, onions, Roquefort, another type of grated cheese (€2.70); an almond croissant (€1.20); a small piece of dark chocolate with lots of nuts in it (pistachio, hazelnut, almond, some glacé fruits, €2.05 [sold by weight]); a dark, seeded loaf (€2.95). I couldn’t see a name for the loaf, but there was a photo of some doctor that endorsed it. The bread may have used rye as its main flour and it was absolutely packed with seeds and grains. A loaf like that probably costs about $7 in Melbourne. It was moist inside and had a nice texture. I originally considered getting a different type of bread, but decided I needed a healthy injection of good fats, vitamins and minerals. The almond croissant was filled with more of a custard than a paste – a little bit like a frangipane tart. The pizza and chocolate were also nice.

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