Baxter Lane, Collingwood

I first noticed this café when I was looking out for Bluebird Espresso the other week, as it was just next to the bus stop. While waiting for the bus to get to uni I popped in to have a look at the menu. I was told there wasn’t really a menu that day. The only things they had at that moment were coffee, cakes, brownies and pulled pork jaffles. The café opened about 4 months ago and I felt like I should support smaller cafés, especially since I’d already walked in. I told him I’d come back some other time, since I’d already eaten breakfast.

Just as well I did come back because he said he had a good memory for faces and could remember I came in previously. The other patrons who came in seemed to be regulars.

The jaffle I had was Slow Cooked Free Range Spiced Pulled Pork w. Tamarilo Chutney ($6.50). There was also cheese in it, which wasn’t listed on the menu board. There was also a beef brisket jaffle on the menu, but he hadn’t gotten up to writing it up on the board. The regularly changing menu is cooked to order and open to modifications.

The two halves of my jaffle had different amounts of ingredients in it. The first half I ate didn’t have a lot of pork but a lot of chutney and cheese. The second half, which I liked much better, had a lot of pork and not much chutney or cheese. The chutney was flavoursome and I liked its combination with the nicely cooked pork and also how it made the jaffle wonderfully juicy. 

Baxter Lane
167 Johnston St
Collingwood, VIC, 3066
0408 566 662

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